Seven Days of Heroin critique

The story is mostly text combine with some simple graphics and videos. Yet it still hits readers’ heart by the enumerate of the fact. There are not many digital tools used in this article, the writer just simply changed the format to a diary style. There are three major take-out that draws my attention: 1.… Continue Reading

Make it stop critique

(The above picture captured from Boston Globe webpage)   Categories as a data news, the usage of data visualization is not overwhelming and there is still more text contains. There is three major data visualization figure in the story: 1. The number of mass shootings, people killed, and successful attempts to reinstate the ban 2.… Continue Reading

What I think (JRNL6340)

What I think In this evolving time of digital journalism, with the internet, everyone can be the self-media. To me, as the Z-generation and also as a reporter, one thing that I imperatively urge to learn is to know how to “survive” in this rapidly changing era. The New York Times, Reuters, Bloomberg…all of these… Continue Reading