The Wall News Critique

The layout and the design of the sequence of The Wall are great. The author combined different data presentation methods to show the topic “If we really going to build a wall, what will be done?”. In the beginning, the author shows six ways to explore the story, readers can choose which way they want.… Continue Reading

NYT Simone Biles Critique

From this New York Times piece on gymnast Simone Biles, readers acquired a penetrating understanding of technical skills of professional gymnastics movements by 3D animation model. This story has well-used the graphic presentation to show detailed, exhaustive experience to an Olympic-champion level athletic. The layout of the story is clear and well-designed. The slide-down design… Continue Reading

Cheese Tea? Try it

  Jason Liu, the manager of Happy Lemon who used to be an international student studied in architecture. He said he always has a dream to bring his hometown favorite leverage to Boston.

This 2014 Vice News critique

This 2014 Vice News shows the real-life situation of the Millions March NYC protest by Vice reporters. Overall, the story provides a wraparound sense of perception to readers and restore the real scene happened that night by using VR shooting camera.   There are two outstanding scenes that show the proper use of the VR… Continue Reading

The last generation critique

  The last generation is such a wonderful story that humbling my hurt. The use of data, text, audio, video, and picture in the story is skillful and harmonious. The design of the layout of the website has also created a better reader experience. The videotape in the story is wonderful. The framing of the… Continue Reading

Voter’s Voice Audio Assignment

Prior to the 2016 presidential election and upcoming elections, politicians and activists advocated the importance of voting, but it didn’t motivate young people to turn out in larger numbers than previous elections. According to a Brookings Report, only 50 percent of the young adult electorate voted in the 2016 general election, compared to 49 percent… Continue Reading